Welcome to Foothill Elementary


    About Our School

    Foothill Elementary is a successful neighborhood school with high achieving students, an involved parent community, and a committed faculty and staff. Located in northwest Boulder, Foothill has been educating children for more than half a century. Lifelong learning, academic achievement and world citizenship are integrated within the BVSD curriculum. Foothill is now able to meet the needs all students who live in our attendance area and embrace the growing cultural and linguistic diversity of our community.

    Our students are supported by an array of services including Special Education, Literacy, Talente​d and Gifted, and an English ​Language Development (ELD) program as well as a great number of parent volunteers and a Community Liaison​. Our experienced staff includes six that are National Board Certified. Additionally, there are many extra-curricular and co-curricular options available to students including PE Field Fun Days, Chess Club, Trip Trac​ker (a car-free rewards program supporting our Green Star school), Student Government, Running Club, Student-Run Conflict Mediation and the Foothill Publishing Center.

    Our school has been named a John Irwin School of Excellence for student achievement, a Green Star Environmental School for our waste-free recycling program and uses solar panels to generate a portion of our electricity. We are fortunate to be part of the Healthier US School Challenge program, offering a fresh salad bar every day to our students.

    Foothill is proud of the partnership it has nurtured between the families it serves, the students who attend and the educators who work here. From school-wide picnics and gardening to parent/teacher committees such as SAC (School Accountability Committee) and PTO (Parent ​Teacher Organization)​, Foothill is a collaborative and vibrant learning environment. 

    Program Characteristics

    Foothill Elementary offers a variety of learning environments for all students. We focus our Talented and​ Gifted (TAG) resources primarily in grades 3-5 to provide enrichment in all curricular areas. Literacy resources are available at all grade levels but heavily target students in grades K-3 to ensure that all Foothill students are literate.

    Foothill has a well-equipped Library ​Media Center and a literacy resource room stocked with books to promote individualized progress in reading. Our Accelerated Reading program promotes increased student achievement opportunities. We continue to integrate technology as it becomes more readily available.

    The Special Educat​ion team supports students with exceptional learning needs. The Resource and Intensive Learning Center (grades K – 5) special education teams work closely with families and other staff to ensure that the learning experience of all students is rich and meaningful.

    The English Language Develpment (ELD) program and Community Liaison help meet the needs of students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Foothill strives to provide equitable access to the curriculum for all learners. This is provided by an ELD teacher through small group instruction and support in the classroom. Classroom teachers utilize strategies to help make the content accessible to students learning English. The Community Liaison supports needs of the whole family and welcomes them into the Foothill community.

    We offer art once per week for 50 minutes to all students. Students in grades 1-5 have 90 minutes of physical education and 90 minutes of music weekly. Kindergarten students have 45 minutes of physical education and music weekly. All students are involved in research units with our library media specialist. We offer a literacy block for students in reading and writing instruction. 

    Special Programs and Opportunities

    Foothill’s mission to promote, support and reinforce healthy development, quality education, social competence, and responsible citizenship in lifelong learners is sustained through the following additional activities that we have sponsored:

    •  Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation
    •  Positive Behavior Support (PBS) – Foothill Values
    •  Student Government
    •  PE, Music and Art Showcases
    •  Publishing Center
    •  Talented and Gifted Education
    •  Reading to End Racism
    •  PE Fall Fun Days
    •  Continental Math League
    • Trip Tracker
    •  Spelling Bee
    •  YMCA Before and After- School Programs

    Visiting Fo​othill E​lement​​ary

    We offer PTO-guided school tours during December, January and April.  
    For tours outside of the above options, please contact the office for more information at 720-561-2600.