PBS Program & Foothill Values

    ​Behavior Expectations​​​​

    ​Positive Behavior Support (PBS) a​nd Foothill Values

    Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a proactive behavior support system. At Foothill, our PBS values are Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, and Safety. We explicitly teach desired behaviors in all areas of the school based on these core values. Through PBS we are able to build a safe and welcoming community, actively manage the school environment, and be proactive rather than reactive. We have developed a recognition plan that acknowledges students for demonstrating positive behavior. It provides positive reinforcement for students, classrooms and the entire school community.


    • Staff members hand out beads and give students positive comments regarding their behavior. 

    • Each classroom collects beads and celebrates when their jar is full. 

    • Full classroom jars are then emptied into a school jar and announced over the intercom.
      A full school jar earns a schoolwide celebration such as music at lunch or extra recess. The school bead jar is a physical representation of students’ positive actions contributing to their classroom and to the larger school community. 

    • An assembly is held for each of the four values and representatives from each class share what positive behaviors their class has been demonstrating.

    Peace Pl​​ace

    Each classroom or grade level has a designated peace place. All students will be trained to use a common practice of conflict resolution. This is a first step to resolving conflicts with their peers. At the peace place a poster will remind students of the norms and the steps to solving a conflict positively. Kindergarten and First Grade students will likely refer to this as,  “A bug and a wish.”

    Parent Notific​​ation

    When necessary, teachers use a Behavior Referral Form to document inappropriate behavior and notify parents of any consequences that have been given. The main purpose of this form is communication with parents. We ask that parents sign the form and return to their child’s teacher. An important component of PBS is re-teaching. Teachers always re-teach appropriate behavior and develop replacement behaviors that students can use the next time they are in a similar situation.

    ​PBS Matri​​x

    The PBS Matrix above outlines the expected behaviors in all areas of the school setting. Students are taught these behaviors at the beginning of the year and are re-taught expectations continuously throughout the year.

    Conflict Resolu​​tion Steps

    • I Message
      It bugs me when _______    or    I feel ________when ________ 
    • Need Message
      I wish ________ 
    • Win-Win Solution
      Next time we could ________

    Peace Pla​ce Steps

    First we agree to:
    1. Solve the problem 
    2. Take turns talking and listening 
    3. Use kind words 
    4. Tell the truth

    General Expectations for ​School Behavior and Playground Safety​

    Please review our General Expecations for School Behavior and Playground Safety
    These pages can also be found in our Parent & Student Handbook.

    ​​ ​​