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Special Education & ILC

Boulder Valley is committed to creating inclusive school settings for all students. Visit the BVSD Special Education Website for more detailed information on the services and support available to all students in the Boulder Valley School District.

Special Education

The Special Education team at Foothill Elementary includes resource teachers, a speech language pathologist, a school psychologist, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist.

These teachers and therapists support students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The IEP is a formal plan that is developed after assessments indicate that a student is substantially below grade level in an academic domain (literacy or math) or has a recognized disability that interferes with accessing the general education curriculum (e.g. visual or hearing impairment, autism, motor disability, speech or language disorder or social/emotional disorder). The services for students might be delivered individually, in small groups or in the general education classroom depending on the needs of the student.


Intensive Learning Center (ILC)

The Intensive Lear​ning Center (ILC) at Foothill Elementary is a Significant Support Needs Program. Students in the ILC Program receive additional interventions and support for academic, social, emotional and health needs in the general education and special education classrooms.

Success is measured by the student’s independent goals on academics, social and emotional development, life skill achievement, and increasing ability to be included in the general education classroom.​​​​


Meet our Special Education and ILC Teachers

Leslie Hamilton

Special Ed Teacher

Jessica Kramer

Special Ed Para

Lindsey Mack

Physical Therapist

Maria Madjar

Speech Language Pathologist

Marion Marcotte

Special Ed Para

Nimia Nelson

Special Ed Teacher

David Pullins

Special Ed Para

Alexis Somers

Special Ed Para

Craig Wagner

Special Ed Teacher