Talented and Gifted (TAG)


    ​​Foothill's Talented and Gifted Program

    At Foothill, we believe all students have gifts and talents and it is our goal to help each student discover his/her unique abilities and strengthen them in creative ways. All students have access to needs based education and can develop personal and academic goals.  

    Students who are identified as TAG are supported within their classrooms through differentiation which may include higher ability grouping, interest grouping, and independent study. Foothill also provides extension opportunities such as Math Olympiad, Battle of the Books, and Junior Great Books for high level math and reading. 

    The TAG Advisor is also available as a resource for social/emotional needs, help with independent study projects, and as a source for classroom extensions and enrichment. Our Maker Space and Destination Imagination also provide students with additional opportunities for creativity and exploration.

    View current enrichment activities at Foothill and around the greater Boulder area.

    BVSD Advanced Academic Services

    ​The BVSD Advanced Academic Services office supports schools and stakeholders, offers professional development, and oversees school based programming. A wealth of information is available on the BVSD TAG website. The TAG Educational Advisor is the primary advocate for students, communications, and programming in the school. 

    ​For additional information, please contact the BVSD Office of A​​dvanced Academic Services or join the BVSD TAG Listserv - an email list open to all who are interested which provides information about opportunities for children and parents in the local area.  

     Meet Our TAG Advisor