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Foothill offers a variety of clubs, extra-curricular activities and enrichment programs designed to enhance students' learning and exposure to new ideas. Learn more below!

battle of the books

Throughout the school year students in grades 3-5 read 10 selected books for their grade level. Reading materials span a variety of levels and genres which appeal to all students. The event culminates with a BVSD competition where students work in school teams to answer questions based upon the books.

chess club

Open to grades 1-5 with all levels welcome! The game of chess dates back  to 600 A.D.  Today, chess is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions.  Now is the time to introduce your child to this old and popular game with many academic benefits!

fall fun days

These days are a celebration of the beginning of the school year in which students participate in races, challenges, and fun activities. Parents are welcome to come and enjoy watching your children participate. Remember to bring your camera!

garden to table

This comprehensive program incorporates academic learning into our school garden. We have developed standards-based lessons which provide students with opportunities to use science, math and language arts in a garden setting learning first-hand about ecology, biology of plants and animals, weather and climate, and the importance of supporting healthy ecosystems.


The National Geographic Geobee is held in January for students in grades 4 & 5. The winner of the Geobee is required to take an online test. The top 100 candidates in the state are then asked to participate in the State Geobee, held in Denver in March. Winners of the state Geobees participate in the National Geobee, held in Washington D.C. in the summer.

instrumental music

Fifth grade students work with strings, brass and woodwinds twice each week during the school day. Instrument rental is available. Concerts are performed for parents in the Fall and in the Spring.


Maker Faire is the Greatest Show and Tell on Earth! It’s a celebration of invention and creativity. It is a place to show what we’ve made and share what we’ve learned with others. Enjoy, discover, be surprised, and try your hand at something new! Arts, crafts, technology, food, music, science –if you make it, we’ll showcase it! All students, parents and siblings are invited to participate!

running club

All grades K-5 are invited to join the “100 Mile Club”. The program starts in October and meets twice a week from 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. Students will be working on their cardiovascular endurance and their muscular endurance. Students must wear tennis shoes and appropriate clothing. Parents are also welcome to sign up and run/walk with their child.

spelling bee

Students in grades 3-5 are encouraged to participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Study sessions begin in the fall, with classroom spelling bees in November, and the school wide bee in December. Winners of the class spelling bees participate in the school spelling bee, and the winner then proceeds to the regional spelling bee which is held in early February.

talent show

The Foothill Talent Show is held each spring and is open to all students. Run entirely by parent volunteers, the goal is that all participants build confidence, have fun and work as a team to put on a great show! All students and families are invited to watch our fabulous Foothill Fox performances.

trip tracker

Trip Tracker encourages and rewards students and families for using alternatives to single family car transportation to BVSD schools. The program goal is to significantly reduce car traffic and associated air pollution in front of schools thereby enhancing student safety and health. Students are rewarded monthly for walking, biking, carpooling and riding either the school bus or RTD. 



BVSD Lifelong Learning offers a way for kids to expand their knowledge without having to worry about grades or homework. After the bell rings, students can switch gears from core curriculum to their choice of create, active and/or brain building options.

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