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Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Foothill Elementary. We are grateful for all the time and positive energy volunteers dedicate to our school. There are many types of volunteer opportunities at Foothill including, but not limited to, classroom assistance, special events and field trips. 

The safety of all students is BVSD’s number one priority. BVSD requires different screening based on the type of volunteering that will be done. 


bvsd VOLUNTEER requirements

All volunteers who are not within a line-of-sight of a BVSD employee when working with students (i.e. field trip chaperone) are required to go through a full fingerprinting process and approval PRIOR to volunteering. Fingerprint approval also covers volunteering in the classroom (no need for additional screening). All screening is valid for 365 days once approved and must be renewed annually.

  • If you would like to chaperone on field trips and volunteer in the classroom, a CBI fingerprint check is required. We recommended this for all types of volunteering.
  • If you would like to volunteer in the classroom (within line-of-sight of BVSD employee), the Raptor screening must be completed.
  • All volunteers must also sign a BVSD Volunteer Agreement. This can be emailed to or filled out in person at the start of the school year.



Volunteer Opportunities

At Foothill, we utilize the Help At Schools platform to help organize volunteers. Please click below to see what volunteer opportunities are currently available and check back throughout the year as new opportunities are added. If you are interested in volunteering in your student's classroom or on a field trip, please contact the classroom teacher directly.